Monday, January 19, 2009

Exciting news...

No, I am not pregnant...but it is a boy!!!

Meet our new addition. We got him last night.  He is adorable, simply adorable. We went to meet him at Hill Country Pugs. Kristy is amazing. We spent 3 hours with her and with Ritz (she was so patient with us). We met his mommy and his daddy. We wanted to make sure he was going to fit in with our family before we took him home. Kristy and Kevin show pugs, and the pups they don't keep go to pet homes. I was very impressed by her and the way they care for their little cuties. I am also thankful she allowed us to have one of her precious dogs, she is picky about the owners she selects. 

We told the kids we were going to have an adventure and go meet some cute little puppies. I had bought a crate the day before just in case we took him home. We hid it under the blanket so there was so pressure from the kids to take little Ritz home if his disposition was not a good fit for our family or we weren't a good fit for him.  O and A adored him from the very start of our visit. He is a perfect mix of energy and normal pug cuddling. Alex and I fell asleep with him on the couch with him last night.  Those of you that know me I am not an animal lover per say, but I am in love with this little guy.  Alex adores him too. He even took Ritz upstairs with him while we were gone and Ritz took a nap on Alex's lap while he worked. We have been trying to think of a new name for him and we are in between keeping the name Ritz, and O's name "Biscuit". 

We have been thinking about a dog for some time. Our girls really are amazing with animals. Horses, cats, rabbits, donkeys and of course dogs. Any animals.  Neither one of them have any fear of animals and really love them. We see something amazing in their spirits when they are with animals. I don't know how to describe it. We noticed it at my mom's farm and with my Dad and Michelle's dog Mac. We thought about small pets, had some fish that didn't work out (thanks Uncle Ryan), and ruled out a cat because you can't really choose a temperament, most are grouchy and independent. Anyhow, our kids are over the moon about little Ritz. I'll post some pictures with the kids and him later.  

The pictures speak for themselves. How adorable is he? :)

If you've got any other good doggy names, please comment :)


cristina c. said...

So cute Nicole!